To discuss the definition and nature of religion. To answer the question, can you be spiritual and not religious?


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  3. Show topic intro: Lots of people say, “I’m spiritual but not religious.” Many Christians say, “Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s a relationship.” Is this true? What is religion?

Nature and Definition of Religion

  1. Religion is only used 4 times in the Bible.
  2. OT understands religion as “fear of the Lord.”
  3. NT understands religion as response to the gospel.
  4. Berkhof: “It may be defined as a conscious and voluntary relationship to God, which expresses itself in grateful worship and loving service.”

Seat of Religion

  1. Intellect?
  2. Emotions?
  3. Scripture: Heart – the whole person: intellect, emotion, and moral life

Origin of Religion

  1. Deceptive priests for financial gain?
  2. Lifeless objects or spirits of ancestors?
  3. Nature worship?
  4. But why the religious nature of man? Image bearing man.

Other Questions

  1. Is religion limited to certain tribes and nations?
  2. How can we learn to know the real and true nature of religion?
  3. What terms are used in the OT and NT to describe religion?
  4. How would you define religion?

#12 – Religion
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