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To discuss creation and what it means for the Christian.


  1. Welcome to the Simple Theologians
  2. Goofing off
  3. Show topic intro: According to Berkhof creation is, “the beginning and basis of all revelation, and also the foundation of all religious life.”

Creation in General

  1. It is represented as the work of the Trinity
  2. The creation is wholly dependent on God, he must uphold it
  3. Creation happened “in the beginning.”
    1. Timeless eternity before creation
    2. Created out of nothing
  4. Creation is for the manifestation of God’s glory
  5. Substitutes
    1. Original matter is eternal
    2. God and the world are one
    3. Evolution

Why Does It Matter?

Creation matters because it points us to our identity as image bearers. It also helps us to understand that the world around us is good and to be cared for. In a word, perspective.

#14 – Creation
The Simple Theologians

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